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Monitoring cold storage temperature has never been easier. Simply plug in the ColdTraq module and start tracking temperature anywhere along the cold chain. Measurements are easily viewed through the FreshTraq portal providing real-time information on your phone, PC, or tablet. Data presentation and alerts are both customizable. ColdTraq is easy to scale by adding multiple modules for end-to-end temperature visibility.


Seamlessly track, monitor, and manage all refrigerated assets 24/7 from a single dashboard.
Add FreshIQ health timer locks when consumer protection is required.

  • RELIABLE SIGNAL – ColdTraq module is outside of the refrigeration unit, providing a consistently reliable signal.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Installs in minutes with no temperature sensor calibrations required. No connectivity set up is required. ColdTraq modules auto-connect to the FreshTraq platform.
  • AUTOMATED REAL-TIME TRACKING – No need to rely on manual employee temperature logs, which are prone to error and lagging in timeliness.
  • GOVERNMENT COMPLIANCE – Instant access to logs and reports provide auditable data for inspections and compliance.
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Remote monitoring system

Control your entire operation remotely

Manage your micro markets from anywhere with the FreshTraq remote monitoring system.

  • Remote lock/unlock
  • Temperature log over time
  • Equipment status
  • Custom alerts
  • Reports

Peace of mind

With FreshTraq, you are always in control.